“Freudarwinian” Consumers?

It’s probably true to say that if one was to compile a list of the most unpopular theories in the history of psychology then classical psychoanalysis and neo-Darwinism would probably top the table every time. In some ways this is perhaps understandable, there are aspects of each which people find unsavoury […]

Gifts and our genes

Ah the wedding… that rite-of-passage filled with rituals and traditions, not to mention the festival of consumption that manifests itself through the wedding breakfast, reception and of course the honeymoon. Don’t you just love a good wedding?

The Calorie Conundrum

Obesity is a global problem, despite the level of health information available to us never having been so high. We know that foods high in fat and sugar content are bad for us, but we just can’t seem to resist that nice juicy burger or the last slice of cheesecake! And […]