Welcome to my corner of the web.  I’m Mike Nicholson, i’m a consumer psychologist and Professor in Marketing at Durham University in the UK.  I deliver undergraduate and postgraduate courses in these broad areas and, beyond the classroom, I work with a number of leading brands in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, helping to decode the unconscious sources of our everyday wants, needs and desires.

My work is very much at the applied end of the spectrum and located at the intersection between evolutionary psychology and consumer neuroscience.  The goods we desire, purchase and consume are products of our evolved minds and I am fascinated by the ways in which the environment of our ancestors still shapes the way we respond to objects such as cars, movies, clothing, pornography and even the humble cheesecake.  Brands which truly understand the evolutionary heritage of the objects we desire can gain a significant advantage over competitors and, from eye-tracking and EEG measures to projective testing and early-memory elicitation techniques, I’ve developed a behavioural science toolkit to help uncover the deep-rooted drivers (DRDs) motivating consumer choice; what I call The Darwin Code.

Like most blogs, this is very much a self-indulgent exercise; a place where I write about the things that interest me. Normal health warnings apply – all views expressed are merely my personal ones, not necessarily those shared by any institution, and I assert my right to express them.

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