Key Readings

Evolutionary Consumer Psychology

Some interesting papers for those interested in learning more about the neo-Darwinian approach to psychology:-

Evolutionary Psychology: A Primer
The classic introduction to the evolutionary perspective from Leda Cosmides and John Tooby, establishing its five core principles  click here

Applications of Evolutionary Psychology in Marketing
Wide-ranging seminal overview of the implications of evolutionary psychology for our understanding of consumer choice from Gad Saad and Tripat Gill, which includes a good account of Saad’s proposed four motivational meta-drives  click here

Renovating the Pyramid of Needs
Doug Kenrick and his colleagues present an alternative take on the idea of fundamental motivations to that of Saad, reimagining and re-drawing Maslow’s (in-)famous pyramid in light of recent advances in evolutionary psychology  click here

Evolution and Consumer Psychology
One of the most comprehensive reviews of current knowledge on the evolutionary bases of consumption, written by Kristina Durante and Vladas Griskevicius  click here

On the Evolutionary Bases of Consumer Reinforcement
Paper from Sarah Xiao and myself in which we establish the link between evolutionary psychology and operant learning, combining the proximate and ultimate levels of analysis in order to explain consumer choice  click here


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